Open a Corporate Account

Corporate Client Account Checklist

Below is a checklist of items required to open an account. All forms are in PDF form, to download a form, click on the form name.

  • The signature on the IDs must match with the signature on all account opening forms. Please verify for consistency.
  • Please submit original documents for processing to PanAmerica Capital Group's offices
  • All accounts must have all the necessary documents on file and funds may be cleared before making any investment.

Account Application:

  • Download and fill PCG Corporate Account Application Form including Addenda with Terms and Conditions: signed by President or Legal Representative
  • Download and fill the PCG FATCA Form – Corporate.

For each Officer, Director, Beneficial Owner(s) and Signatories on the account the following documentation is required:

  • Download and fill the PCG Personal Identification Form For Beneficial Owner(s) only, signed
  • Download and fill the PCG FATCA Form – Individual.
  • Identification documents

For the Beneficial Owner(s) of the Corporation, the following additional documentation is required:

  • One letter of professional reference (preferably from your employer, attorney or accountant).
  • One letter of financial reference from your bank or brokerage institution.
  • Copy of most recent utility or telephone bill or PCG Client Visit Report to confirm physical address.
  • Copy of Income Tax Declaration (if available).

Additional Requirements:

  • Copies of Articles of Incorporation and Amendments (if any).
  • Certificate of Incorporation, Certificate of Good Standing, and Certificate of Incumbency.
  • Copy of Audited Financial Statement or Copy of Income Tax Declaration (if Corporation is operational).
  • PCG Corporate Resolution Form (optional) signed by President or Legal Representative.
  • PCG Mutual Fund Statement Form (optional): required for investments in each Mutual Fund Family. Signed by authorized party.

Required Documents

  • For Foreign individuals:
  • Copy of passport with entry/exit stamps (preferable) or
  • Copy of Personal Identification Document (i.e. Driver's License, etc).
  • For Panamanian individuals:
  • Copy of personal identification (cédula)