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"Good Performance in an investment portfolio is the result of experience, risk management and individual needs. It is a concrete result not a nebulous cliche"

Our Vision

Good results in investments are not an accident or the luck of a casino mentality. All the world's most admired investment professionals, Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch and Sir John Templeton have the same thing in common, experience and geo-political savvy.

At PanAmerica Capital Group we can boast the same approach and have the results to prove it. We were one of the first investments houses anywhere in the world to see and act on the new bull markets in gold, silver, copper, oil and gas. We were also one of the first to build our investment models on a weakening US dollar. And, like the investment legends cited above, these models of performance were the results of experience and savvy; not luck.


Never promise more than you can deliver and Always deliver more than You promised.

At PanAmerica Capital Group our philosophy has become an integral part of our corporate culture...never promise more than you can deliver and always deliver more than promised.

This culture starts with senior management and permeates through the entire organization. It isn't something we just talk about, it is something we live and act on a daily basis.